Workbot for Microsoft Teams

Workbot is a platform bot that works with all your business apps right from Teams. It comes with pre-built commands for Salesforce, but can be easily extended to add the apps that you use.

Get notifications that matter

Let Workbot ping you directly when there are relevant notifications that need your attention, like when a high priority ticket is assigned to you or a customer renewal is coming up. You get notified on things that specifically matter to you only so you don't get lost in a sea of unrelated notifications in a channel.

Visually track your progress

Monitor your progress with automated charts.

Get work done in your apps without leaving your Microsoft Teams workspace

Workbot brings the entire power of your cloud apps right into your Microsoft Teams workspace. Quickly pull out opportunity details from Salesforce, create tickets in Zendesk, add a comment to a case in Salesforce and more.

Get a 360° view of your customers

You use multiple apps to get your job done. Easily get a comprehensive view of your customer data across all your apps.

Customize Workbot to adapt to your business

We understand that every business is different and so is every team's app implementation. That’s why we’ve made Workbot adaptable for your unique business needs. Powered by Workato’s powerful recipe platform, Workbot gives you the ability to:

Create custom commands and notifications for Workbot in minutes

Browse and run any of the 100K recipes created by the Workato community & integration experts

Recieve data from and automate 150 apps all from your Microsoft Teams workspace 

You can easily customize or create your own commands. Learn more >

Collaborate smarter. Try Workbot for Microsoft Teams today!

No more app hopping! 

Get info from any custom objects or fields from your Salesforce into your Microsoft Teams workspace

Save time with proactive prompts

Workbot’s Assist technology is a learning engine that understands the way you interact with it and the context of the interaction. It then not only proactively provides you with the information that you are looking for but also helps you act on that by suggesting next steps. 

For example, Workbot notices the little things - if your new lead in Marketo isn’t registered in Salesforce, Workbot will ask if you want to populate the missing fields in Salesforce. If you reply ‘yes,’ Workbot will do it for you while you can continue working without the need to leave Teams and open Salesforce.

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