An Intelligent Slack Deal Desk Bot

Deal Desk Bot for Salesforce is an intelligent bot for Slack that understands your specific Salesforce implementation (including ANY custom objects and fields) and adapts to your needs.

To add Deal Desk Bot to Slack, first download the Salesforce managed package.

Visually track your sales targets

Monitor your sales pipeline and sort opportunities by stage or any  custom field. These daily progress charts can automatically notify you on the health of your sales funnel on a regular basis.

Get work done in Salesforce without leaving Slack

Deal Desk Bot for Salesforce brings the power of Salesforce right into Slack.

You can command it to:

List all your leads for the day, opportunities closing this week, and open cases

Get a weekly summary of leads, opportunities and cases

Customize Deal Desk Bot to adapt to your business

We understand that every business is different and so is every Salesforce implementation. That’s why we’ve made Deal Desk Bot for Salesforce adaptable for your unique business needs. Powered by Workato’s powerful recipe platform, Deal Desk Bot for Salesforce gives you the ability to:

Create custom commands and notifications for Deal Desk Bot in minutes

Browse and run any of the 100K recipes created by the Workato community & integration experts

Receive data from and automate 150 apps all from Slack 

You can easily customize or create your own commands. Learn more >

Try Deal Desk Bot for Salesforce today.

Approve Deal Desk Requests

Receive a Slack notification every time someone submits a deal desk request. Deal Desk Bot presents you with all the information you need to make an informed decision in your Slack channel. 

Deal Desk Bot for Salesforce is able to understand your intent and will intelligently prompt the possible next steps for you so you can act on the information right in Slack. From there, you can approve requests like contract terms, discount requests and proposals without ever leaving Slack. 

Show details of accounts and opportunities

Get info from any custom objects or fields from your Salesforce into Slack

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